Thursday, 24 April 2014

Movie Review

Movie Review
Title of the movie : Coraline

The movie is about Coraline perseverance  to save her parents from the evil spider-like witch, which has buttons as eyes, the witch has claimed that she loved Coraline but she ends up abusing her , locking her into a mysterious world where the witch kept all her so-called “precious darlings” ,there are 3 dead children ghosts living there ,all have lost their eyes as the witch has dug them out and ate it then replace it with buttons. However, the ghosts secretly helped Coraline to save her parents, well, Coraline has agreed to play a game with the witch, rules are, she has to find all the dead ghost's eyes to get back her parents and the witch has to set the dead ghosts free, if she lost , her eyes will be replaced with buttons and she will have to stay with the witch forever. And her parents are stucked inside a snow globe as the ghost child said, she went finding, but when she found the snow globe, the witch has caught her trying to exit the mysterious world , so the witch tried pulling her back, Coraline struggled and managed to pluck off one of the button on the witch’s eyes, she was lucky that she escaped, her parents were set free, but they had no idea what happened and Coraline locked the door of the mysterious world, she has also found all the ghost’s eyes and they all were living a peaceful life after that.

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